About Eddie's Work

I got involved dyeing sock yarns to use in my online wool sock business. I knit socks from the toe up on a Passap DM80 or E6000. These machines produce beautiful seamless socks up to the top of the ankle but the ribbing has to be completed by hand on size zero cable needles.

Hand dyed, self-striping sock yarns were becoming very popular and a number of now, well known hand dyers, were making beautiful yarns that I could use. As the yarns became more popular, the prices shot up. I couldn't afford to purchase retail and sell my socks so I started looking for suppliers of natural yarns to dye myself. My first attempts were much less than successful but I was able to develop a few techniques that gave me the ombre look. Now, 6 years later, I am offering one-of-a-kind skeins to the public.  As well as my hand-dyed yarns I am offering sock yarns from JoJoLand.

I am still offering the socks in many different yarns and blends and colors.   In addition, I'm using several new dyeing techniques such as Shibori.